After five years in operation the management of The Jones Assembly opens the hood and shows us how the machine works.

It’s difficult to accurately describe The Jones Assembly.

Is it a restaurant? Yes. A bar? That too. A live music venue as well, one that hosts cozy local shows as well as some of the biggest acts in music or ones that will be soon.

The concept is a slew of ideas smashed together, none of which should work in tandem with the others but somehow it all works out.

Take the acoustics for example. There’s no reason why a cement, glass and metal building should sound good. But it does. And why the hell are a bunch of twenty- and thirty-somethings packing out the patio for — of all things — bingo nights? Who knows? But they are.

“The Jones is our love letter to the city,” co-founder Graham Colton said just shy of the venue’s fifth birthday.

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